Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Memorable Day

Ok, so I really didn't want to write a birthday post just because it seems a little too self-centered. Those who have kids and write about their birthdays... that's great, but to write about your own birthday? Very different. Nevertheless, there were too many people who put a lot of work and time into my birthday to not recognize it. I am so blessed!
I turned 25 on the 25th of February this year in Kharkov. Mom and Lindsay both arranged to stay long enough to be here for my birthday and that was so nice. Mom and David arranged my whole day and it turned out great. We met the team at the bowling alley here in one of the malls and all bowled together. Unfortunately, Dougle was sick, so he missed out on the fun. We all bowled and had the two best cheerleaders anyone could ask for. Malachi and Canaan sat contently on their chairs, watching us bowl, and would yell "Good job! Wow!" and give us high fives almost every time. (Except once... after watching me bowl a nice gutter ball, I came back and Malachi greeted me with "You're supposed to knock them over!" It was too cute.) We had a great time and Denyce beat us all!
After bowling we all order Fajitas. Yes, I said Fajitas... in a bowling alley... in Kharkov, Ukraine! It was amazing and they were great. The fajitas even came with flour tortillas! Who would have thought? After lunch, we all came back to our apartment for cake and presents. David had worked earlier in the morning to make me a cake from scratch, but accidently burnt it. So, when we got back from lunch, he made me another cake (still from scratch). For those of you who haven't had Black Forest Cake, you're missing out. It is my favorite and my husband made me the best one this year. (And he doesn't even like cherries!) As you can see in this picture, it was a masterpiece and so delicious!
I was so blessed by our team and my family that day... we had such a nice time and they really pulled out all the stops. But, it wasn't just them... I've received 11 birthday cards in the mail, several e-cards, numerous Facebook posts, emails, and calls. I am truly humbled by so many of my friends and family and am so grateful.
Thank you for the love and encouragement you poured out on me. What a neat reminder of Who I belong to and how He continually works through His people to bless us here.