Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kharkov or Bust!

Hello from the airport in Vienna! Yes, it has been about 2 days since we left Lubbock and we have yet to make it to Ukraine. As you can guess, we've had a few problems with our flights! We started in Dallas and in our flight to Washington DC we were re-routed to Richmond, VA due to bad weather before we finally made it to Washington DC, 3 1/2 hours late. Needless to say, we missed our flight out. After waiting hours in line, we finally got booked for Boston where it looked hopeful that we could get a flight out the next day. We reached Boston, but didn't get into the hotel room until 2:30am due to re-arranging our flights out of Boston. (And do I dare mention that we didn't eat for 22 hours due to all these delays?) At 5:30pm the next day (Tuesday), we left Boston for Paris. The flight into Paris was 10 minutes late, and even though we ran all through the airport to get to our flight, we missed it. We actually watched them take the boarding tunnel off the plane. We were so close! From Paris, we flew out to Vienna, but upon arriving in Vienna (after 2 hours of talking to frustrated ticket agents), we have come to the conclusion that we were not going to get to Kharkov today. Right now, our plan is to fly instead to Kiev, Ukraine and then take an overnight train to Kharkov. We should arrive there in the morning-- 2 days later than expected. (That means we will have been traveling for a good 72 hours!) We are exhausted and all of us have about 10 different tickets in our hands from re-booked flights! David is just reading his book at the table and keeps waking himself in time to keep his head from slamming into the table. :) Lessons learned: 1) Next time we go to Ukraine, get the most direct flight possible and 2) Next time we're in these really neat cities, make time to actually leave the airport to enjoy them! Please keep us in your prayers as we still try to make it to Kharkov. Thank you all for your prayers this far-- we know it has helped us keep in good spirits! We will make it to Kharkov... or bust!


Michael said...

David and Olivia,

Isn't travel fun!!! Sounds like our trip to Romania a few years ago... a day late and lost luggage. I wore the same clothes for 4 and 1/2 days!

I'm praying for open doors and hearts when you arrive in Krakhov..Stay strong.... and keep Jackson in line! Be blessed..


Avery said...

I just said a prayer for you guys. Hang in there!

Barbara said...

Wow - and you thought AIM was your only adventure!!

Praying for trip,

Hollie said...

Hey guys,

I know traveling is hard, but thank God yall are safe even though you did miss a couple or so flights. Remember to keep thanking him for all yall have and gool luck in Krakhov.

I'm keeping yall in mine and Harrison's prayers. Good luck and have fun.

God bless,

Janet said...

I can imagine how exhausted you are. Hope the rest of your travels goes smoothly. Have your suitcases made it with you? Tim's, Chris's and Brent's all arrived 5 days after they did. You are in my prayers.

Zack said...

Wow! That's so crazy stuff. Remember the AIM motto "Be flexable"? I bet that's taken on a whole new meaning with a trip that starts like that. Keep hanging in there. Blessings!

Mike & Lucy said...

Hey! Loved you post! Isn't it fun keeping up with people this way?? And from Vienna too!! You guys will make it, eventually! I love getting to talk with you in between, though!
~your favorite sister

Mary said...

Hi there you two.
Wow, you are getting to see the great cities, I mean airports, of the world. We keep praying for you!! You'll get there.
Love you.

Russell, Alison and Grant said...

I hope you make it to your destination soon! You guys are so patient and have such a good attitude.

Kris said...

So, what you've really learned form all of this is to... Be Flexible. Who was it who said that?
You should also know that most of your trips to Ukraine will be long even if they are straight flights.
So, you've caught up with me in my travels, going to Paris too. This is getting a little creepy. You should really stop following in my footsteps. :)

Hollis said...

David and Olivia,

WOW! what an experience, do you think the Lord is testing you to see how serious you are about going? Others have already mentioned flexibility but I concur that it is an important part of any ministry. Praise the Lord that you have made it to Kharkov.

Our prayers remain with you for guidance in selecting the city where you will serve.


Another day in the life of Beau Hart :) said...

Just found you guys blog! Wow, sounds like fun :)Too bad Southwest doesn't fly international, they are the best, ha!

nsnelson said...

We're so glad to hear you made it, and pray things go more smoothly now. You've probably been blaming us for our advice to make the trip! God bless you as he leads you to the place he's prepared for you to serve. You're in our prayers. Nancy and Jim

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