Thursday, December 18, 2008

Part One of Our Holiday in South Africa

We are having so much fun we have been neglecting our communications with people! :) I know most of you don't mind, though I'm sure a few of you are wondering what is going on with us.
For those that need a quick update here you are. We are currently in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. We were gifted this trip earlier this year, and the earliest we could go was during these Christmas holidays. This situation worked out great for us, because it is cold in Ukraine right now! But here in SA it is warm and sunny. I got a sun burn the first day out here (don't worry mum, I am not forgetting the sun block).
We have had some good time seeing the sights of SA, the uniqueness of the country, and the people. But some of the best parts of the trip are the opportunities we have to be involved in encouraging the workers and Christians here. As we are visiting the AIMers here, we are also getting to tag along with them in some of there work here. I have had opportunities to preach and teach and we both have spent time encouraging our brothers and sisters. We are so grateful that we could meet other Christians here and spend time with them! It's a good reminder of what we will be experiencing together in heaven one day... something we can't have now because of the huge land masses and bodies of water separating us.
But on top of that we have been able to participate in some God's creation here in South Africa. We took a short trip to Cape Town and along the way stopped at a bridge to jump off! I have now jumped off of the World's tallest bungy jump. I have a little certificate to prove it. I have a little video below of the jump as well. (The scream you hear is one of joy and excitement, not fear).

After the jump we continued on to Cape Town where we stayed the night before jumping on a boat the next morning to look for Great White sharks. On this trip we saw hundreds of seals, a whale with her calf , penguins, and .... GREAT WHITE SHARKS!!
My wife was nice enough to brave seasickness and she also allowed me to jump in a cage to watch Great Whites! It was amazing. At first I didn't think the trip would be worth it, but as soon as I jumped in the cage a White Shark showed up and hit the bait right in front of the cage. It came so close that you could touch it! I'm not exagerating it at all, I know it was close enough to touch because after it missed the bait, I reached out and touched it! You might think I'm crazy, but it is probably your jealousy because I touched a 2.5 meter White Shark. This is a short video of the second time it showed up. (I'm in the cage you briefly see.)

There are many things that we can tell you about our trip, but we need to stop for now and get this posted. Thanks to all for your prayers... we've been safe and are really having a wonderful time here. We'll update you again soon on more adventures we're having!


Lori said...

Awesome. I am quite jealous of both of your exciting adventures. Glad y'all are safe through it all.

Cherry said...

Dude, I have always wanted to get in the water with Great White's! I am very jealous!

Mihills Family Blog said...

I'm beginning to think the Ukraine is going to be too tame for David! Do you get a badge for each of these crazy things you do?? Just kidding. I'm glad you're having the wonderful experiences.

Ya'll have a great time and a very merry Christmas!

Love you both,


Another day in the life of Beau Hart :) said...

wow, you're quiet the adventurer! Scares me to think what you make take us to do when we come to the Ukraine :)

Russell, Alison and Grant said...


Nancy said...

Okay, David. So the photo I liked best is the one UNDER the shark video (from your last post when you and Liv were putting up the Christmas tree with Canaan)! If you kill yourself on this trip, I will never speak to you again! :0 Just kidding, I hope you are getting all your thrill seeking urges out for a few months!
Love you both!

Su said...

Okay, you can keep the bungee jumping (although I acknowledge that it is pretty brilliant that you jumped off the world's largest... well done you), but I am totally jealous about the shark thing. I watch too many of those Discovery channel shows about people diving with the sharks and I really want to try it! I'm glad you're enjoying your holiday!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Ok - I was reading this thinking that Olivia had written it and that she must of gone completely crazy for jumping off the world's tallest bungy jump.

David, you are the most fearless person we know! I was thinking YOU might be crazy for jumping, but then I read the part about the great white sharks and it was no longer a thought, you went ahead a verified it for me!

Glad y'all had an awesome trip! Can't wait to hear more about it!