Friday, June 19, 2009

Garden Pictures and "Who's the Kindest Country?"

The Garden on Our Balcony

David's garden on our balcony has been taking off. We've been enjoying lettuce these last couple weeks and it's still producing! His green onions are also about ready to be uprooted. He continues to cut off the tops of the cherry tomatoes because they're growing so much and this last week they started flowering, so we'll be seeing little green tomatoes soon! He started 12 cherry tomato plants, thinking they wouldn't all grow, but they did. So the Hindmans and our language teacher, Yelena, got several plants from us that they're continuing to grow. He's also growing cilantro, habanero peppers, and jalapeno peppers. We're so grateful to have our balcony to grow food on, and I'm grateful for a husband who is taking such good care of it all!

"новая Зеландия - страна добряков

Our language teacher brought us an article from our local Kharkov newspaper Today this last week. The title is "New Zealand - Kindest Country." You can guess why she brought it our way! Just in case you're wondering: the United States was rated #83 in 149 countries, Ukraine was rated #82, and Russia was rated #136. They are pretty happy they are rated "kinder and more loving" than the United States. We were excited New Zealand has a good reputation that maybe we can piggy-back on here in Ukraine!


Nancy said...

Was one of the criteria for being "kindest country" have to do with being kind to the environment? Just currious.

Nancy said...

Ooops! I almost forgot! Thanks for posting the garden pictures! They are awesome, David!

The Boyers said...

I love the garden pictures! I am so proud :) We are going to have to post some of ours soon it is really starting to produce. Thank you guys for always keeping us up to date on the blog etc. It is so wonderful to keep connected! Can't wait to see more pictures with the actual fruits from the garden!!

Kipi said...

I'm impressed with the gardening but more so with your learning the language. I took 5 years of Spanish and a semester of French (and have very little show for it now), but those at least used the same alphabet as English. How much harder it must be to have to learn a new one!

You guys continue to be in our prayers!