Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Exciting Week!

This past Wednesday evening, Legacy Church of Christ put on an "Old Fashioned Pounding" for us and the other missionary couple here, Corey and Emily Mullins. Now, I must let you know that when David first heard they were giving us a "pounding," he thought we had done something wrong. I suppose that's what you think when you grow up most of your life in New Zealand. :) Well, after our "pounding" Wednesday night, we drove away with a trunk full of groceries! We were amazed at how much food we received, it was such a blessing. Our pantry is stocked now (especially with peanut butter, jelly, canned corn, beans, and spaghetti sauce!) and we also received several gift cards to buy perishables. I can't tell you how overwhelmed we have been with Legacy's generosity. Now, if we can only find a night to cook with the food-- members keep signing up to have us over!! We are really excited to be here and be a part of such a great congregation.
Today is our last day of preparation before the Global Missions Conference here in Fort Worth. We are fortunate to be here in the area for the conference this year. Over the last few days we've been working to put together a booth for our team and we hope it attracts others who are interested in spreading the gospel to that part of the world. David is also facilitating a Ukraine Mission Team interest group on Thursday night. During that time we plan to share more information about our team, but also promote the other cities that we visited for our survey trip. Because we were able to visit the locals in those areas, we want to voice their plea for more mission workers to come and aid them. We've spent a lot of time getting it all together, but we're close to the end. As most of you know, we already had a booth, team brochure, personal brochure, business card, website, etc. for Moscow, Russia. But, now that we are going to Kharkov, everything must change!! This new endeavor has been really good for us and we feel that we are not only learning a little more about Kharkov, but it is becoming "our own." Soon we'll be able to share our excitement with others.
If you are planning on going to the conference this week, we hope to run into you, but please stop by our booth or come to our interest group on Thursday! For more information about the Global Missions Conference you can visit: http://www.globalmissionsconference.org/
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brandonandkatie said...

Hey guys, that display looks awesome! Good job on that. Glad to hear the church is taking such good care of you.

By the way, I'm pretty sure the not understanding the word "pounding" means you grew up in another country. I'm pretty sure it just means you didn't grow up in Texas.

Rob said...

Great post! I loved hearing all the updates and seeing the display. You guys are doing a great job getting things together for the GMC.

Mike and Lucy said...

Wow! The display looks great! You guys have done a great job. I know it must have taken tons of work, on that, plus on putting together the info for the interest group! I am also glad Legacy is being so good to you all! That is awesome! What a blessing to have such a generous and caring church behind you! We love you! Hope to chat soon again!

Elijah said...

Yeah, I haven't heard of "Pounding" either. I understand you got food out of it, but why "pounding." Is it like a pound cake, per chance? Cuz you know, PC's are not really 16ounces of cake goodness, they're actually a lot more heavy. Your pounding seems as if it netted more than just a pound as well. Sweet deal!
Also, it has been awesome getting to follow up on your lives. You're always in our prayers!

Jay Jarboe said...

David and Olivia,
I look forward to seeing you at the GMC, Lalo and I just drove into town. I look forward to seeing the display in person!

Ashtin Hoskins said...

So, Livia...I see your pile of food there...so what is David going to eat? hehe!
I had a fried Moro bar today...not too shabby!
Looks like you are getting a lot done! Keep on keepin on! :) LOVE YA!

Guy & Nan said...

hey liv! Thanks for the comment on my page. It is good to read about your time with Legacy. I am so happy they have taken good care of you guys and that you have the means to go to Ukraine now! We are proud of you guys! Also, I actually lived in Texas and had not heard of a pounding till like a year ago, so I feel for David! :-) Love you guys, Nan

Mike and Lucy said...

So, I don't like our map like the one you have either. I like the other one better. We think the map like you have only tracks CURRENT visitors online, not those that have previously visited! The other type of map tracks all the visitors who HAVE VISITED your site. So, that is probably why it is showing "no visitors". We are doing well. Canaan woke up early this morning...6:45am. We are going to see if there is warm water this early. He doesn't like showers and he doesn't like cold water and that is all we've been able to get so far. Poor guy. We love you!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Hey, Olivia! I enjoyed getting to spend some time with you tonight and look forward to getting to know you better at the conference later this month.

Isn't blogging a great thing? It will be such a wonderful tool for y'all as you're in Kharkov. I'll be bringing my children to read it often!

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