Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Few Highlights of Our Week

Well, it's about time for us to write another update here on our blog. We've had several things that have happened, so we thought we would share a couple highlights with you!
First of all, David and I have now both had the opportunity to speak at Legacy. David taught one of the adult classes this last Wednesday night and Sunday morning. I was also able to share a little about myself and our plans at a lady's function Tuesday night. Usually, after we open up a little about ourselves, others feel more welcome and share their own similar stories. It's a blessing and the more we get to know this congregation, the more excited we become because they are so encouraging and have really worked to make us feel a part of the family.
Another highlight was last Saturday. We were invited to spend a day at Possum Kingdom lake with Dale and Tina Bankhead (see picture to the left) from church. We had a great day with them-- wake boarding, tubing, playing on the jet ski, and just enjoying the fellowship. They were even kind enough to take us out to Hell's Gate which is a really nice area of the lake. There are cliffs on either side of the lake with very nice houses all around. We just stopped and had dinner there, it was the perfect spot! That whole day was a well needed break, and so good to get in the water again! I must say, though, the next day we were both really sore. But, it was worth it!!
And finally, if you didn't know, our family seems to attract brown recluse spiders, this is great for David, but not so for me. We came to the conclusion that we were finding more than the normal amount of these little guys in our house so we decided to go ahead and get some professionals to come and get rid of them for us. But before we did David wanted to have a little fun with it. I hope you enjoy his video.


Mary said...

David. You haven't changed one bit! My crazy boy.

Kris said...

Where did you get the idea that you could play with poisonous, flesh rotting, spiders? Did Steve tell you that per chance? STEVE! (Flight of the Conchords reference there.)
But really we did think you had a bit more of an accent in that video then you did when we saw you last.
Sorry you guys have to deal with spiders again. But the good news is from my research there are no brown recluses in Ukraine.
Glad you guys are doing well. Love ya!

kelleycook said...

HA HA HA!!! Ok, that video just made my morning! love the song also. Too great.

Mike and Lucy said...

Ok, so that confirmed it: David, Dougle and I both think you are a dork! Ha. A funny one though! Yes, I agree with Kris, were you trying to have more of an accent? Did it just seem like that b/c you were whispering or were you trying to sound more Kiwi? Well, I am sorry that you seem to attract them. If you get them in Ukraine, we won't be inviting you to move in with us...just so you know! Ha! We love you both!

David and Olivia said...

Nah, I wasn't trying to put on a thicker accent. I was just being silly and I guess my accent thickens up when I'm playing around.
I thought that maybe Kris was saying that she could hear my US accent since they are surrounded by the kiwi accent all the time now and aren't listening to my corrupted accent.

I am really considering a business in spider breeding and distribution since it seems we have a gift in that area!

Amy said...

hhaha.. loved the video! Made me laugh out loud at work! Hope you got rid of the spiders.

Morgan said...

Crazy boy! The spider looks so big at first and then when you're in the frame you realize its actually kind of small. I'm gonna try and make Justin Cherry watch it. He HATES spiders.

Dwight said...

I had an aunt who was bitten all over by a mob of brown recluse spiders and she just slowly rotted away...finally we threw her in the compost pile.

Jason and Nicole said...

Ok that seriously freaks me out. I can not stand spiders (so how will I survive back in Australia you wonder? I don't know....) I can't believe David wants to/is able to get so close to a recluse. Ugh. I hope you are able to get rid of them soon.
Nicole Whaley