Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Good Luck Missionaries!

Recently Olivia and I were privileged to go to Club 56. We had a blast!

Club 56 is what Legacy calls their 5th and 6th grade bible class. We were invited to share with this class some info on the city of Kharkov, more about us, as well as our plans for church planting there. It was our first time to present to a bible class on the city of Kharkov, and we enjoyed every minute of it! For the last few years Olivia and I have done various presentations on New Zealand to children's Bible classes and we love it, but this time we got to share about a place we will soon be living in rather than a place we have been.

It was fun to laugh with the kids about some of the differences in the Russian language (soon we will be crying because of these differences). We shared pictures and stories, and even some chocolate we had brought back with us from Ukraine. We shared our dreams of establishing churches in Kharkov, and helping people to know the God who created them.

It was truly a blessing for Olivia and I to share these things with the Club 56. We were blessed even more this last week as we received from one of the teachers a stack of cards and letters written by the class wishing us good luck, encouraging us, and letting us know that they are praying for us!!

We have been blessed to have so many people around us who encourage us, and especially lift us up in prayer daily. Thank you club 56 and thank you to all the rest who are supporting us as we get ready to go!


Mihills Family Blog said...

You and Olivia have been a blessing to us! We will look forward to hearing about your work once you've moved. I still think you're going to sound really funny speaking Russian with a New Zealand accent!!

And by the way....thanks for the new post! :-)


Mike and Lucy said...

Sorry it has taken me soooo long to comment on your blog, since you are so good at commenting on mine right away!! How fun. I remember hearing out you doing this. It is cool they sent you cards after too! Hope you continue to enjoy the rest of your time there! We will be seeing you soon!!!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

It was such a blessing to have y'all in Club 56! You did an amazing job with the kids, and they are still talking about it!

We look forward to finding additional ways for this great group of kids to be involved with y'all in the coming years!

Much love!