Thursday, August 21, 2008

God's Building at Legacy

Olivia and I were able to celebrate a huge milestone with the congregation here in Forth Worth. God has blessed the Legacy church of Christ with abundant growth and fruitfulness. Over the past 50 years this congregation has been growing and growing! This growth has forced them to add onto buildings, move locations, and build bigger facilities. Legacy was even forced to go to two services because it could not accommodate the whole congregation. This last Sunday morning was a change-- at the completion of its new auditorium, the whole congregation was able to meet together in its entirety.
If you venture down to 8801 Mid-Cities Blvd, you will see an enormous auditorium, a building filled with classrooms, offices, kitchens, storage, and all the other facilities that make a congregation function in its day to day ministries. But, even though there is beautiful lighting or the color schemes are dazzling, even if you notice the sound system or the heated baptistery . . . the building is just an empty shell. When we look at these amazing features and cool modern facilities, we have to remember that in the grand scheme of things this building is insignificant compared to the real building God created.
Now , if you venture down to 8801 Mid-Cities Blvd. on Sunday morning, you will notice the truly beautiful building we call the church. Scripture refers to each member of the church as a living stone which is built up to be a spiritual house, a place where worship and service and spiritual sacrifice is offered up to God. It is not the physical attributes and upgrades which make a church amazing, it is the body of believers who serve and worship there. Without them you only have an empty, useless shell of a building.
That is the beauty of the church God created! Many people around the world are not able to meet in a beautiful building of wood, brick, or stone. Many people do not even have a property set aside for the use of the church; nevertheless, everywhere throughout the entire world the beautiful spiritual building of Christ can be seen and experienced as each of his living stones is fitted into place to create the most amazing, exciting, glorious building that has ever been built.
In the Old Testament we read that Mount Zion (the church) will be established high above all mountains and it will be exalted, and all the nations will flow into it. They will not only flow into it, they will also invite others to come to this place as well. We may build the beautiful auditoriums and facilities, but it is the glory of God seen on his mountain and in his church that makes the nations flow into it. All glory and honor is due to our God who has created such a place that we can come encourage, worship, serve, and truly feel closer to our Creator . . . a place where we can be built up into what we were created to be.
We invite you to one day attend a Sunday morning assembly at the Legacy church of Christ. When you go you will find a building of people who love and care about each other, people who are seeking to grow in their faith and obedience to God, a people set apart to proclaim-- throughout the world-- the excellencies of Him who saves. It is a building of people that will amaze you and encourage you as they express the love they have received to everyone they meet.
We have been greatly blessed to be a part of this congregation. And look forward to spending more and more time with our brothers and sisters here. Below is a short video of our time together in worship and fellowship as we celebrated the completion of another resource given to Legacy as we serve the living God.


Mike and Lucy said...

I liked your video! It was cool to see a 'big' church again and hear the amazing singing in my own language! It is cool you were able to be there and be involved in some of the activities that went on there as they moved into a new building. We love you and miss you!!!

Lindsay White said...

Very cool David! Nicely put. I think we all too often forget what the church really looks like. Love you guys and can't wait to see you!

Jenn said...

Love the video! Thanks so much for putting it together! We are excited that you are going to Women of Faith with us tonight, Olivia! We are just excited that you both are here at Legacy!
Jennifer and Aaron Green

Being a Star said...

I loved the video...the singing sounded great didn't it. I can't till tomorrow to find a place to sit and worship.
Michelle Star

Anonymous said...

cool video. i appreciate the commitment that you are making toward missions. we've just started to get excited about missions and i'm glad that we can serve you and you will be able to serve us. i know that god will work in you while you are gone. hopefully we can hang out before you leave. peace.

Nancy said...

Liv and David, It makes my heart glad to see you two so involved and connected to Legacy. It seems they are a wonderful congregation that really loves you and cares for you, and that means a lot to us. You guys have really put your lives into their focus and I am sure they see the beautiful people that you are. We have been blessed,huh? Dad

Guy & Nan said...

WOW - what a great church family! I am so glad you have the opportunity to be a part of a group of people like that! We feel so thankful for the church we meet with and always hope that happiness for our friends!! Glad you are doing well! Love you guys, Nan

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Our speakers are broken, so we still haven't viewed this with sound, but it is a really cool video! It made me get a little teary-eyed to see the whole congregation together for at least a short period of time!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Oops ~ I wasn't finished!

The speeding up of people coming in and sitting down ~ it made me think of what y'all will be doing in Kharkov. (Hope that's right...spelled it without looking!) I fully believe that God will bless your ministry there and that by the end of your time, MANY people will have come in to find their spot in worship!